Top Reasons To Seek Treatment From Medical Clinics Instead Of The ER

When you are sick or have suffered a minor injury like a sprained ankle, you may decide you need to have a doctor examine and treat you. You may be unable to find relief for your symptoms or pain at home.

Your first inclination might be to head to the local emergency room to get treatment from a doctor there. However, you may get just as effective and faster treatment when you visit one of the local medical clinics in your area.

Faster Care

The wait times at the local emergency room can be hours long. You might have to sit in the waiting room for two or three hours (if not longer) before you are called back and taken to an exam room.

Even when you are called back to an exam room, you still may not see the ER physician right away. During the time you wait, you linger in pain or suffer from your symptoms. You also may have to undergo extensive and time-consuming tests before the doctor knows how to treat you  

Rather than wait for hours in ER waiting and exam rooms, you can get in and be seen faster at one of the medical clinics in your city or county. The wait times at medical clinics could be a fraction of the times you encounter in the local ER. You might be seen and treated faster than you would if you were to go to the ER for help.

Less Expense

Further, the final bill for your treatment at the local ER can be much pricier than what it might cost you to get treatment at one of the local medical clinics. ERs tend to charge thousands of dollars for routine tests like CAT scans or MRIs. You also may pay higher costs for blood work or urine tests. 

Rather than spend thousands of dollars you could be unable to afford, you might get a lower bill with the treatment you receive from one of the local medical clinics. Your final bill for your care may be hundreds rather than thousands of dollars, thus easier for you to pay.

Medical clinics in your area can offer you just as effective care as what you would receive at the emergency room. You might have to wait for far less time to get seen and treated. You also may pay less for your medical attention. Contact local medical clinics for more information.

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