Chiropractic Care For TMJ Pain: A Guide

TMJ pain can be really difficult to deal with. It makes it hard to chew, talk, and rest comfortably. Some people turn to pain relievers to keep themselves comfortable, but this is mostly a "Band-Aid" for the problem. It covers the pain, but it does not address the root causes of TMJ pain. If you want to address the root causes and get more permanent relief, it's a good idea to see a chiropractor. Here's a closer look at what that involves and why it works. 

How will a chiropractor treat TMJ pain?

You probably think of chiropractors as professionals who adjust spines. So, it may be a little odd to think of a chiropractor as treating TMJ pain. But chiropractors are also good at realigning other joints in the body. The TMJ is a joint. (TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint.) If the joint is out of alignment, this will cause or contribute greatly to your TMJ pain. Your chiropractor will make sure the joint is in proper alignment, which should ease your pain.

What does a TMJ adjustment involve?

The process is pretty simple from the patient's perspective. Your chiropractor will grasp your jaw on either side and move it back into alignment, using a swift motion. You may feel a crack or pop when this happens, but it should not be painful. The chiropractor may do this a few times, once with your mouth open and another with your mouth shut. This is just to ensure they are repositioning your jaw at the best angle.

Will an adjustment fix your TMJ pain forever?

One adjustment is unlikely to permanently fix your TMJ pain, but it may give you relief for quite a while. Most people do need a few adjustments, spaced a couple of weeks apart, for more permanent relief. This is because once the muscles in your jaw get used to it being positioned in such a way, they tend to pull it back out of alignment. With repeated adjustments, the muscles will loosen and your jaw will stay in that position more easily.

If you are seeking longer-term relief from TMJ pain, make sure you schedule a visit with the chiropractor. Their natural approach tends to be very effective against this ailment. If needed, they can also refer you to other medical doctors and specialists for additional pain relief and treatments. 

Contact a local chiropractor to learn more. 

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