5 Common Myths About Gastric Bypass Surgery

If you are clinically obese and are having trouble losing weight through diet and exercise alone, your doctor may have suggested gastric bypass surgery. During this surgical procedure, a surgeon will reduce the size of your stomach so that you can't eat as much as you used to. While the surgery can have successful results, certain misconceptions may prevent you from considering it. Here are a few common myths about gastric bypass surgery.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Is the Easy Way Out

Many people still believe that those seeking gastric bypass surgery are just lazy and looking for an easy solution. However, this could not be further from the truth. Some people have metabolic disorders that make weight loss incredibly difficult. In order to qualify for the surgery, they also have to spend months proving to their health insurance companies that they need it.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Is Too Risky

Some people are reluctant to undergo gastric bypass surgery because they assume it is too dangerous. Although all surgeries have some degree of risk, gastric bypass surgery is considered safer nowadays. In fact, staying obese is more dangerous because it increases your risk of various health conditions, like heart disease and diabetes.

Health Insurance Does Not Cover Gastric Bypass Surgery

Fortunately, this is not true. Many health insurance companies are realizing that gastric bypass has immense health benefits and are offering to cover it in their plans. Ask your health insurance company ahead of time if they will cover it.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Leaves a Huge Scar

Scarring is another reason some people may think twice about getting gastric bypass surgery. The good news is, however, that bariatric surgeons have drastically improved their techniques throughout the years. In addition to less scarring, patients will experience less pain after the surgery.

Your Body Will Not Get Enough Nutrients After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Since bariatric surgery shrinks your stomach, you may have a decreased ability to absorb all the vitamins and minerals from your food. However, you should not worry too much. It's possible to get back those nutrients by taking daily supplements. Ask your doctor about which supplements you should take.

As you can see, there are many different misconceptions about gastric bypass surgery. If you're interested in this procedure, you may want to schedule a consultation with a reputable bariatric surgeon. They can determine if you are a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery.

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