Information On Asthma And Some Treatment Examples

Asthma is a health condition in which the airway gets inflamed. This causes swelling that makes it hard to breathe. Also, extra mucus is produced and the airway constricts, adding to the breathing difficulties. Asthma can come on as an allergic reaction someone has to something like pollen or mold. There is also non-allergic asthma in which many factors can bring on an asthma attack, such as exercise, the weather, stress, etc. Asthma can be so severe that it can interfere with a person's ability to enjoy the daily activities they would like to. Asthma attacks frequently result in trips to a hospital's emergency department. You can learn about some possible treatments for asthma that a doctor may suggest or prescribe in the information below: 

Rescue inhalers

People who are known to have asthma attacks will often be supplied with rescue inhalers. These are inhalers that can fit in a pocket and the person should carry with them. When they feel an asthma attack coming on, they can puff on the inhaler one to two times to get some instant relief. Sometimes this is all it takes for their symptoms to subside. If a person is needing to use their rescue inhaler for a prolonged period, then they should go back in to see their doctor. 


People who have the occasional asthma attack may go to the hospital where they will be given a breathing treatment under supervision. The machine is called a nebulizer, and a liquid form of medication is put in the machine. The nebulizer will then change the medicine into a mist the person will breathe in through a hose and mouthpiece. Someone with chronic asthma may be prescribed their own nebulizer they can use at home. This treatment takes a few minutes because the person will continue breathing in the mist until it is gone. A nebulizer usually helps the person feel much better by the time they finish the treatment. 


There are also injections available for people who suffer with chronic asthma. Generally, these injections are given about once every few weeks on a regular basis, and they can help to prevent asthma attacks or make the breakthrough attacks less severe. 


There are also pill, tablet, and syrup forms of medication that can be prescribed for those with mild asthma. The pills work by causing the airways to relax and also help to weaken the lungs' response to irritants. These pills are often given to people who tend to have symptoms at night. 


If you struggle with asthma, you want to work closely with your doctor to find the best treatment for you. Contact a local professional for more information about asthma treatment.

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