3 Signs Your Infant Has An Allergy

It can be difficult to tell when your infant is having a problem, after-all, infants don't yet talk, so deciding what it is they are trying to tell you can be hard. One thing that can be scary is if your infant has an allergy. An allergy in an infant can present itself in different ways for everyone, so it can sometimes be hard to tell if your baby is having an allergic reaction or not. Read on for a few signs to watch out for to help you. If you suspect your baby has an allergy to something, get your baby to a pediatric allergy doctor for further testing.

1. Your Baby Has Tummy Troubles Instantly

If after your baby eats something, he instantly has a gurgling stomach and explosive diarrhea, it may be an allergic reaction. Some foods can cause your baby to have this problem, but if it's every time and with the same types of food, it may be something in the food that is causing this allergy. Some children can be allergic to dairy, or gluten, so write down what your baby has been eating and discuss it with the allergist.

2. Your Baby Breaks Out In Hives

If your baby is breaking out in a rash, or large hives that are bothersome, your baby may be allergic to something either ingested or something touching your baby's skin. Your baby could have an allergy to a type of fabric that he has been wearing. Try changing the blankets you have been using or the type of clothing your baby has been wearing, even the diapers you are using to see what helps with the reaction.

3. Your Baby Chokes Or Has Breathing Issues

There may be a certain type of food your baby has eaten that is causing your baby to throw up, or could cause your baby issues with breathing. If you suspect your baby is having trouble breathing, or you think your baby's throat is closing, call for help immediately and report it to an allergist to have your baby tested.

Allergies in infants can be scary, as you aren't sure what is causing them, and your baby isn't able to tell you what is wrong. Keep an eye on your baby when introducing anything new to him and report any allergic signs to your baby's pediatrician. If you suspect your baby has an allergy, seek help from a pediatric allergist. To learn more information about allergies, reach out to a company such as Allergy Asthma Immunology Center.

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