Can Young Women Get Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is a condition that affects a variety of young women, even though the condition is commonly associated with older women. There are many situations in which younger women are at risk and do not know what kinds of treatment options are available for them.

Young women should be aware of some of the common treatment options available for breast cancer because they can be at risk for the condition as well. Here's what you should know about breast cancer if you are a young woman.

Treatment Varies for Younger Women

In the past, many women were concerned that breast cancer always meant surgical removal of the breasts. This is not necessarily the case today, and there are many effective treatment options for young women to consider. The type of treatment you undergo will depend on several factors, including the type and stage of cancer.

If you have a preference for or against certain treatment options, you can discuss these with a treatment provider. You may find that some treatment options are more effective than others.

Genetic Testing Can Save Young Women's Lives

If your family is prone to breast cancer, genetic testing could be the key to preventing or catching breast cancer before it becomes a problem. Aggressive steps can be taken if you are able to track down specific genetic markers. Some women choose to remove breast tissue early, and others decide that they will come in for more frequent diagnostic tests. When you have more information, you have more options.

Young Women May Consider Their Fertility

While you can have breast cancer and still go on to have a healthy child in the future, it is true that some of the treatments for breast cancer may affect your fertility. For this reason, you should discuss treatment options that will allow you to have children if this is something you want to do.

Some young women decide that they want to undergo egg or embryo freezing to improve the chances that they will be able to have children after breast cancer treatment. This will depend on several factors, including how urgent the need for treatment is.

Breast Cancer Treatment Services Can Help

Whether you have been diagnosed with breast cancer or you are afraid to undergo diagnostic testing in the first place, there is a place for you. Breast cancer treatment services are available to help you manage your condition quickly and receive the support you need.

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