How Domestic Violence Experts Help a Battered Spouse

While many people understand domestic violence better than they used to, there are still many people who are not familiar with the impact of battered spouse syndrome. But it is frequently used as part of a courtroom defense.

When somebody has been abused, they may react in a way that does not fit in with the expectations of others, including a jury. If you are using this kind of defense in court, it is important that you understand how domestic violence expert witnesses can help.

Domestic Violence Expert Witnesses Provide a Foundation of Understanding

Many people do not have a sound understanding of domestic violence in general. If you want to establish a foundation of understanding in the jury, it is important that you present the facts in a way that is easy to understand. Your domestic violence expert will lay the groundwork for jurors to build an understanding of how violence works in intimate relationships.

Domestic Violence Experts Explain the Perception of Danger

For many defendants on trial, it is important to understand to present the perception of danger. If somebody suspects they are in danger based on a history of real and present dangers, the jury is more likely to understand why a victim of abuse acted in a potentially violent manner.

Domestic Violence Experts Discuss Emotions

Emotions can be confusing in the wake of domestic violence. Some people are angry, whereas others may be passive on the surface. It is important that the jury understands the breadth of emotion so that they can make an accurate assessment of the events that occurred.

This can also help the jury understand why the defendant chose to take action at a specific time. Developing a narrative that covers all potential inconsistencies can be the best way to reach a jury before they develop unanswered questions.

Domestic Violence Experts Show Why Victims Don't Just Leave

Finally, and perhaps one of the most important things to understand, is that victims struggle to leave for many reasons. It is important that you demonstrate why the defendant did not or was not able to leave before a violent event occurred.

Consult With a Domestic Violence Expert Witness

Are you moving forward with a case using a battered spouse defense? You need to have a domestic violence professional on your side to ensure that you can make a strong case in front of a judge or jury.

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