2 Vital Tips For Choosing A Blood Test Lab

Blood tests are essential parts of routine and preventive healthcare. In many cases, doctors order blood tests to get a conclusive diagnosis. A blood test can be used to check if patients have an infection or assess their general state of health. On other occasions, doctors need the tests to see how specific organs, such as kidneys or liver, are working. If you are a primary healthcare provider that recommends a particular blood test, your first step is to find a good blood test lab to send samples to.

What Are the Most Common Blood Tests that a Doctor May Recommend?

During a routine examination, the doctor mainly orders any of the following tests:

  • Complete Blood Count -- This test measures various blood components, such as hemoglobin, white blood cells, platelets, red blood cells, and hematocrit.
  • Blood Enzyme Tests -- The test measures the levels of a specific enzyme in the body.
  • Coagulation Panel -- If the doctor suspects that patients have a blood clotting disorder, they may order this test to see if they have the blood-clotting protein.
  • Basic Metabolic Panel -- It measures the levels of certain chemicals in the blood plasma.

Tips for Choosing a Good Blood Test Lab

Currently, there are thousands of diagnostic and clinical labs in the United States. As a patient, it's hard to know what goes on inside these labs. In other words, it's difficult to know the tests performed in the labs or if quality standards are maintained.

The health sector in the US has witnessed rapid commercialization in the recent past. Consequently, you will see diagnostic centers in every corner of the country. So, choosing a blood test lab that meets your needs can be an uphill task.

When choosing a blood testing lab, it's advisable to always consider these two main factors:

  • The Qualifications and Experience of the Medical Lab Professionals

The skills and experience of the lab practitioners should always be a priority. Apart from academic qualifications, take time to check their experience. If a lab has been operating for more than five years, you are assured of the competence and proficiency of the personnel. Also, check if the lab and its staff are accredited by the relevant government agencies.

  • Technology Used

When choosing a blood test lab, consider the one that uses the latest technologies and updated instruments. The use of the latest technology guarantees you accuracy, efficiency, and high-quality data. In other words, you are assured of getting the correct diagnosis.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a blood test lab, consider your patient's health needs and desired results. Always choose a facility that guarantees the highest standards of accuracy and quality of the test results.

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