Cut Back On Germs This Upcoming School Year

Schools will be reopening shortly, and this will result in you and your staff members needing to take precautions to ensure that children remain healthy and productive while in their classrooms. Using antibacterial hand sanitizer gel may already be implemented on campus, but having extra supplies on hand will guarantee that a sanitizer gel shortage won't come into play.

Purchase A Large Number

If the teachers, administrative staff, and athletics directors were previously responsible for supplying hand sanitizer, there may have been varying products used throughout the school, and maybe some of the staff members weren't stringent about mandating rules associated with keeping their students' hands clean.

If you are in charge of purchasing disinfecting and sanitizing products this year, look for an antibacterial hand-sanitizing product that is lightly scented and that kills germs on contact. A 72-pack of 8-oz hand sanitizer bottles will provide you with a sufficient amount of the product. After purchasing the sanitizer, give each teacher or faculty member a few bottles to use.

Provide Directions For Daily Usage

All of your employees are probably on board with using the sanitizer, but they may not currently use a schedule or could have been leaving the option of using the sanitizer up to each student who enters their classroom. Type up a list of directions that you would like everyone to follow. The directions can pertain to personal hygiene as well as sanitizing requirements for classrooms and community equipment.

Let each teacher know that you would like the students to sanitize their hands upon entering their classroom at the beginning of each day since there will be no way to know what types of surfaces the children touched prior to arriving at the school. Hands should be sanitized after each classroom switch throughout the course of the day, as well as before and after lunch, after a lab experiment, or upon completing a strenuous activity.

Instruct your teachers and staff members to place a bottle of sanitizer on a counter or a table so that the students can easily access it. Request that the employees report back to you when they are running low on hand sanitizer. If you store the extra bottles in a utility cabinet, you can retrieve them as needed. Place another order for an additional package of 72 hand sanitizer bottles when your current supply is beginning to run out.

To learn more, contact a resource that carries 72-packs of 8-oz hand sanitizer bottles.

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