How Facial Reconstruction Surgery Helps After An Accident

Motorcycles provide riders with an exciting experience that is often hard to top. However, crashes can be very damaging when they happen, even when a person wears safety gear. For example, damage to someone's head and mouth may be quite widespread, even with the help of a helmet. And much of it may require facial reconstructive surgery to manage.

Motorcycle Crashes May Impact a Person's Mouth Health

When a person crashes a motorcycle, their body can be very damaged. For example, even with a helmet, a person could hit the pavement face-first and experience many injuries to their face. Damage could include broken teeth, cuts across the gums, and even more extensive injuries throughout the jaw, including collapsed eye sockets and much more.

This type of damage has a twofold effect on a person. First of all, severe injuries to the face make a person look different and can cause emotional problems that are hard to manage, such as depression and anxiety. Secondly, facial damage can also make life harder by doing things like making breathing more difficult or causing complications with eating. And these issues are just the beginning for many.

Facial Reconstruction Can Help

Facial reconstruction is a plastic surgery method that focuses on supporting the strength of the bones of the jaw, the gums in the mouth, and much more. These methods can be used to help those who suffered debilitating injuries due to a motorcycle crash. For example, surgery could reconstruct a person's jaw, helping them to look healthier and making it easier for them to chew and eat again.

Others may need surgery to fix crushed eye sockets, damage to their teeth and gums, and much more. Typically, surgeons need to use filler materials to help out here, such as various types of silicone. These items can help to recreate the structure of the face and make a person look close to how they did before the crash. Even better, they'll be likely to also breathe easier post-surgery if their nostrils were crushed, for example.

The many benefits of this process make it absolutely necessary for those who suffered facial damage due to a motorcycle crash. Though it can be hard for them to go through multiple surgeries—especially if they're just getting over their initial pain from the crash—it is better for them to take control of this situation sooner rather than later. Otherwise, their facial damage may worsen over time.

Reach out to facial reconstructive surgery professionals to learn more.

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