Three Tips For Planning On Better Healing After Spine Surgery

Major surgery on the body will require you to spend most of your waking hours dedicated to healing. Spine surgery will affect how you rest, how you move, and your ability to move your head. As your spine is attached to your head all the way down to your tailbone, your range of motion will be restricted until you are able to work your way back to 100% motion. Before you lay on the table, here are some changes that you will want to make to your home for easier medical healing. 

Clean with medically approved products

Surgery often means stitches and unhealed wounds. If your wounds get dirty from anything in your household, this will lead to an infection. An infection will lead to re-hospitalization and a setback in healing. In order to clear up any dirt in your home, you should clean your home from top to bottom with products that are often used in medical facilities. Items such as hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar are products that you can safely clean your home, sheets, and surfaces with without possibly irritating your wounds. If you have trouble with movement right now, have your house professionally cleaned and ask for natural or medical grade cleaning products to be used. 

Move necessities to your room

A small refrigerator, microwave or toaster oven, and a walker or wheelchair should be waiting next to your bed when you come home. Talk to your doctor about switching over to a different mattress, such as an electronic mattress that will allow you to sit up and step out of bed without pulling your body up using your core strength. Be sure to place all medication and medical paperwork detailing your day to day health routine on a surface near the bed to make these available to go over and follow throughout the day. 

Follow a daily routine

Your doctor, such as those at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C., may detail a lot of laying down at first so that you do not agitate the site of surgery and allow healing to take place. This can become mentally taxing, especially if you are used to being able to get up and go to work or perform chores around your home. Since laying around can cause depression, you should follow a daily routine. Wake up at the same time each day and do the exercises prescribed by your physician and physical therapist. Prepare and have meals and snacks at your usual times and perform your typical bedtime routine before you lay down and rest at night. 

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