The Effects That Low Testosterone Has On Your Sex Life

As men get older, they may start to feel that they are not performing at 100%. Some men assume that this is simply a result of aging. While this is true to some extent, men also experience a decline in testosterone when they are 30 or older. This can have an impact both on sexual desire and sexual performance. There are several signs you should look for that could indicate that you need testosterone replacement therapy.

Sexual Desire

Testosterone plays a large role in sexual desire. Men may feel alarmed when they experience a reduced desire for sex and this might impact his sexual relationships. The brain contains testosterone receptors that light up and affect erotic fantasies and dreams.

Erectile Dysfunction

Low testosterone can also affect the ability to get and hold an erection and can lead to infertility. The male body produces nitric oxide after testosterone stimulates penile tissues. The nitric oxide creates the reaction that leads to an erection. When the hormone levels become too low, you'll be less likely to produce an erection.

Testicle Size

You may notice a reduction in the size of your testicles even when it isn't cold. Your testicles will likely be softer and your penis might also shrivel. You may also experience a lower sperm count. Each of these factors contributes to infertility. 

Semen Quantity

Semen is a fluid that makes up most male ejaculate. The fluid is meant to help sperm reach the egg and also nourishes the sperm. If you notice that you are releasing less semen than usual, this could be the result of low testosterone levels negatively affecting semen production. 


You may not want to have sex because of changes in your mood as well. Men with less testosterone are more likely to be depressed and this can lead to a lower sex drive. Low testosterone can also lead to brain fog and poor focus.

Body Fat

Low testosterone contributes to weight gain. You will experience the greatest increase in your body fat around your belly. Men who have more body fat often become more body-conscious and may be less willing to take their clothes off and have sex. 

If low testosterone is affecting your sex drive, this might also affect your relationship. Fortunately, in addition to making lifestyle changes such as lifting weights, you can also increase your testosterone levels by visiting a testosterone replacement therapy physician. 

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