Is Your Plaguing Injury Getting Worse? Consider Cell Therapy And Treatment Options

If you have a plaguing skeletal injury that is in an area that gets used every day, and every time you try therapy you end up reinjuring the area or harming it more, it's time to get help. You want to see an orthopedic physician to see what is wrong with the bone or tissues.

The physician will request some images and scans if there hasn't been any done recently, to see if the tissue is healing or if the injury is getting worse. If rest isn't working, here are some of the things to talk about with the professional to help.

Aquatic Options

Aquatic therapy to help strengthen the area may be necessary if your body can't handle bearing your body weight. The buoyancy will make it easier to get movement and build strength in the area of the injury.

Look for a specialty aquatic therapist that can help treat injuries like yours, and that will work with you slowly to rebuild the strength and mobility, so you don't have to worry about reinjuring the area badly.

Cell Therapy

There are different options the medical professionals can try where they inject cells into the body. Talk with your orthopedic professional about the use of a stem cell cortisone mixture, to help prevent pain and inflammation in the injury while still providing new stem cells to help with new cell growth and healing.

If this isn't a possibility then stem cell injections alone may be needed. This would require a longer recovery but is done in an outpatient facility and could be the only option for healing the injury.

Cadaver Options

If the injury is a result of a tendon or ligament that won't heal, if there are damaged tissues or a bone break won't get better, talk with the physician about cadaver. Some cadaver tissues or stem cells may help, especially if you can't take your own cadavers or tissues.

Rest and time isn't always enough to heal a plaguing injury that is causing you severe pain and interrupting your life. If you haven't been able to get the relief that you need, it's time to make an appointment with an orthopedic expert to see what can be done. Consider sitting down with a stem cell therapy facility to see if they think your injury would benefit from these types of injuries and get yourself on the road to recovery as quickly as possible.

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