Is Lasik Right for You?

Are you sick of wearing glasses or contacts? If you were diagnosed with myopia or hyperopia (near or farsightedness, respectively) as a child, you may have been wearing glasses for more than half of your life! Sometimes enough is just enough. Lasik eye surgery is a way of correcting lifelong vision problems in just a few short minutes. If you are someone who has been getting a new eyeglass prescription every year, you might be excited about the idea of not wearing glasses ever again.

There are a few signs that you could be a good candidate for Lasik. These include but are not limited to:

Healthy Eyes

It is no secret that some eyes are healthier than others. If bad vision is your only concern, your eyes are likely healthy enough for Lasik surgery. Healing from Lasik can be challenging for people who have additional eye problems, such as high blood pressure in their eyes. Lasik works by making a small flap on the external layer of the eye and then using a laser to reshape the cornea. Reshaping the cornea can correct vision problems, though a previously unhealthy eye may struggle with healing. 

Good Health

Since Lasik is considered a surgery, anyone who is wanting to get it done should be in good health. People who have a hard time healing, such as those who have autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, may have inferior results. 

A Consistent Eye Prescription

As previously mentioned, the cornea of the eye is reshaped to correct vision problems during a Lasik surgery. To do this, there must be a very constant and set eye prescription. If your prescription is still changing every eye exam, it is unwise to get Lasik surgery. Some people get Lasik before their prescription has become constant and then have to go through additional surgeries to update and change the prescription. 

Normal Corneas

Since a little bit of the cornea will be either cut away or reshaped by the laser during surgery, a normal cornea thickness should be present to begin with. Thin corneas may be challenging to work with, and are usually denied approval for Lasik surgery. 

In conclusion, talk to services like ReVision LASIK and Cataract Surgery about whether Lasik is a good idea for you. It is a good idea to get Lasik sooner rather than later since your nearsighted vision may change with age. 

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