Eye Drops Your Ophthalmologist Might Use To Treat Your Dry Eye Condition

If your eyes feel dry all the time, you should talk to your eye doctor to see if you have dry eye. Dry eye is not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to eye irritation and infections, so getting treatment is important. Several things cause this condition. For instance, a new medication you're taking could be to blame. Your eye doctor will uncover the cause of your dry eye and then provide the appropriate treatment. Eye drops are commonly used, although there are also other types of dry eye treatments. Here's a look at some eye drops your doctor may recommend.

Artificial Tears For Lubrication

You may need to use artificial tears often when you have dry eye. Since there are different kinds on the market, your eye doctor will tell you what brand to buy. Thin, watery drops may be recommended for use during the day because these act fast and don't interfere with your vision. Thick gel drops might be recommended for use at bedtime because they can make your vision too blurry to use during the day when you need to see what you're doing.

Steroid Drops For Inflammation

Corticosteroid drops may be prescribed for short-term use when you're having a flare of dry eye syndrome. Steroids are not usually given for the long term since they can cause side effects. However, they can be useful when your dry eye is caused by inflammation because steroids are strong anti-inflammatory drugs.

Immune Suppressing Drops For Inflammation

Another class of drugs that can reduce the inflammation that causes dry eye is immunosuppressants. These help reduce inflammation so your eyes can produce more tears. Unlike steroids, these eye drops are not for short-term use. You may have to take the drops for several months before you feel improvement in your condition. Be sure to follow your doctor's instructions when taking these drops, so continue to take them even when you don't feel any benefit since it takes them a long time to produce results.

Antibiotic Drops To Treat Infections

If your eyes are inflamed and irritated due to an eye infection, your eye doctor might prescribe antibiotic eye drops to kill the infection. Once the infection is cleared and your eyes have healed from the irritation, your dry eye problem could improve.

If your dry eye is mild, you might be able to manage it with eye drops you buy at the drug store, but when it gets a little more advanced, prescription drops may become necessary. Drops can be used alone or they can be combined with other medical treatments for dry eye. The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you'll relieve your discomfort and not be bothered with sore and bothersome eyes that disrupt your daily life.

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