Two Reasons To Hire A Home Health Care Aide For Your Elderly Parent

Although many people move independently well into their golden years, it's not uncommon for physical changes to occur. Some older individuals develop a limited range of motion and are no longer able to reach up to grab items on top shelves without assistance. You may have started to notice some bodily restrictions in your parent and are concerned about their wellbeing. You know that your parent doesn't need round-the-clock care but you want to find some way to help keep them safe when you are not around. Hiring a home health care aide is a great way to bridge the gap while still allowing your loved one to remain in the house that they love.

Health Care Aides Make Everyday Activities A Breeze

Getting in and out of the shower might seem like a piece of cake when you're in excellent health. You have a firm grip on the floor and are able to extend your legs out enough to clear the tub wall without injury. Although this may seem like a completely innocent activity to you, it poses a number of risks for an older person. Their grip may no longer be as sure and if they can't raise their limbs high enough to get past the bath barrier they may take a nasty fall.

You can make life so much easier for your parent by hiring a home health care aide. Health care workers are trained in how to assist people with normal activities of daily living (ADL.) Something that currently seems like a daunting chore is made much more manageable when there is someone there to assist.

Companionship Is A Must

As much as you probably want to be there for your parents you also have a household to run. Job responsibilities must be attended to and if you have children they need quality time as well. You don't want your parent to feel lonely but are torn between spending time with them and making sure that your family is taken care of.

Partnering with a home health care aide service can relieve some of the pressure that you might be feeling at the moment. Even if the agency just sends someone out to talk with your relative and take them out on errands, it's great to know that your parent has a companion by their side.

You may want to conduct a few small interviews before settling on the aide of your choice. Choose someone who meshes well with your parent so it'll be the perfect fit.

For more information, reach out to local home health care services.

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